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The Myth of War


Jungian scholar, author and lecturer, based in
Bangalore, India, IAJS

Foound, Wednesday, May the 8th 2024
7:30 pm

This conference will open the activities of the
a regular get-together of enthusiastic lovers of
contemporary (post) Jungian studies,
in French and/or English


The Myth of War will delve into the meaning of war in a warring world – which wars do we fight? It will elaborate on the rudiments and intricacies of war in a conflicted geopolitical world, through images, symbols, myths and parables, and explore why war remains deep-rooted in human civilization and in the unconscious psyche. The seminar will deliberate on how wars have a totalizing effect on the psyche, and how the many expressions of war, from planet restoration, environmental activism, feminine rising to sheer killing and bloodshed in warfronts and borders, have always been part of us, and continue to challenge our inner and outer existence.

About the presenter

Sulagna Sengupta is a Jungian scholar, author of ‘Jung in India’ (2013) and ‘Animus, Psyche and Culture: A Jungian Revision’ (2023), and is based in Bangalore, India. She is currently working on a Jungian interpretation of the Indian epic, The Ramayana at the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, U.K. Her website is

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