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mission statement

Dear colleagues, friends, enthusiastic, curious,

Dear colleagues, friends, enthusiasts, curious,



We are four curious and enthusiastic humans, four psychiatrists-psychotherapists of an analytical-Jungian orientation with clinical practices in Geneva. Together, we studied Jungian thought, had supervisions, intervisions, participated in congresses and conferences, wrote essays and texts. Four individuals, each on their own, were immersed in his world and his questions. Four, together, seeing that there is a beautiful force, a possibility of going further and exploring different parts of our universe, visible and invisible. Now we would like to share, enrich and share some of these experiences with you, moving from four to different perspectives, axes and dimensions.


Our desire is to begin a series of meetings, under the name of Salon Jungien.


These meetings would take different forms: debates, presentations, theoretical-experimental-artistic projects, and multidisciplinary round tables, and they would exist in two variants, both open to all interested and free.

One would regularly bring together enthusiasts of contemporary Jungian and post-Jungian thought in a group format that creates and maintains its form (body), ideas (logos), human emotions (eros), and values (ethos).

The other would be held twice a year, with more traditional conferences and guest speakers or artists.


Our desire is to give space to contemporary themes regarding the collective conscious and collective unconscious from the perspective of contemporary Jungian and post-Jungian theory and clinic. Artificial intelligence, the ecological crisis, current and future conflicts, the unknowable, the strange and the unreal, studies of consciousness today, acceleration at all levels, psychedelics of the plant world are some of the topics that intrigue us and we would like to explore and develop them with you.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to Salon Jungien.




The organizational core of the Jungian Salon:

Dr Nikos Charalampous

Dr. Miguel Duarte

Dr. Dragana Favre

Dr Daniel Pires Martins

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